To Apply the Judge

Please read and notice the requirements 

1.    Judge must have the experience of at least 5 years of teaching a STEAM class within the past 8 years.
2.    6 to 10 judges will be selected from those who apply or were directly invited by the NAYTEA Team.
3.    Judges will receive no compensation for their time or their work product.
4.    All materials developed by the Judges will remain the exclusive property of NAYTEA.
5.    Judges are not to be considered employees of NAYTEA, STEAMEX or any other host or sponsoring organization associated with this competition.
6.    Judge will receive:
a.    Free air travel (economy class) for one from any city in the US to Shanghai, China and free stay for one for 3 days in Shanghai, China at a hotel selected by NAYTEA for the purpose of attending the Global Awards Banquet. Judges are responsible for obtaining a Chinese travel visa if required.
b.    Name printed on the Asian STEAM Book.
c.    Recognition as a “Distinguished Judge.”

Must commit to:
a.    Be available for 1-hour weekly phone meeting via Skype or Zoom and regular email contact.
b.    Attend in person the USA Team meeting in San Francisco Bay Area at the beginning of August.
c.    Attend in person the USA Semi-Finalist Recognition Event and presentation in San Francisco Bay Area on Nov 9-10, 2019.
d.    Attend in person the Global Awards Banquet in Shanghai, China.
e.    Deliver a speech at the Global Awards Banquet in Shanghai, China.

Complete the form below and email to

f.    Provide name and contact information
g.    Provide school name, address, and name of chief administrator, Self-Bio.
h.    Provide a professional headshot.
i.      Option: Provide a less than 30-second personal introduction video in common video format (wmv, mp4, mov, etc.) mentioning the name of the competition, host organizations, and welcome contestants to competition.

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