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Mar 20th - Jul 30th, 2020                              "STEAM Master 2020" Submissions accepted for regional competition


                                                       Jul 25th - Aug 5th, 2020                                    Judging process to select regional semi-finalists (TOP6)


                                                      Aug 6th, 2020                                                        Announce ALL Regional Finalists(TOP6)


                                                      Aug 6th - Oct 2, 2020                                            Second Round Submission Open


                                                      Oct 2 - Oct 15, 2020                                             Judging process ( Selecting TOP 34)


                                                      Oct 15, 2020                                                         Announce Global Finalists TOP 40


                                                      Dec, 2020                                                             STEAM MASTER 2020  GLOBAL FINAL REWARDING


Scoring Criteria

During the submission please notice you have to list all criteria that apply to your project and briefly explain how you have integrated each of them.

5 + Course Content need to be design into curriculum plan, to convey your ideas well.


Student Engagement & Fun factor

Instructional Design
Learning Goals
Ease of Implementation
Creativity & Innovation
Cross Curricular Connections...

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Global Finalists (TOP3)


Free Trip to Shanghai, China (2 days Hotel in Shanghai + Airline Ticket)

Attend the Global Awards Banquet China as Speaker


  • Global 1st Place Award $5000 USD ($3500USD awarded to the winning candidate and $1500USD awarded to the

recipient’s school).

  • Global 2nd Place Award $500 USD
  • Global 2nd Place Award $500 USD



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2019 International STEAM Curriculum Developer Comeptition





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Phil Gibson, Founder of DMA, Principal Owner, Polaris Strategies and Advisory Board Member, "science, engineering, art and math have been staples of education for hundreds of years - the advancement of science and technology and how that is rapidly changing (at a pace never before imaginable) the world that our children will live and work in is whats new and both terrifying and exciting."


Yang Olivia Zhao, AI Product Manager at Google advises that, "AI is changing the education Industry. It simplifies administrative task, creates smart content and enables personalized learning. Most importantly, AI levels the playground for all kids from around the world. AI empowered education is the future of education."

Ling Lam, Educational Technology Specialist and Robotics Head Coach and Instructor at Monticello Academy. "As the world is rapidly changing and growing, STEAM is indeed the best education to foster 21st-century skills for our future citizens."




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